Logo for KR Ryder Art - KRR. Captial K on its side stacked on top of 2 capital Rs that are back to back. Letters are filled with an image of a painting done by the artist.

Hi there. This will be my website to showcase the art of KR Ryder. If you’ve visited before, thank you. You’ll notice that things are looking a bit different now. My old site was compromised, so I’m in the process of rebuilding from scratch.

Although it will be some work, it will also be a good time to reset and refresh things. Come back and visit soon and in the mean time, you can see my most recent art on my Instagram and Facebook accounts using the handle @KRRyderArt (Caps or no caps, it doesn’t matter. Meta will find me for you.)

Wish me luck on my rebuild. I’m taking my time and doing it more safely this time instead of just slapping something together and forgetting about it.